Whether it’s a long road trip or just getting stuck in traffic, being in the car may not be the most comfortable place to find yourself and your children. It can be especially rough on your and your children’s neck, which can get strained or feel sore after watching the road for so long. Luckily, you can improve your riding experience by purchasing a neck pillow to relieve the strain and make your children comfortable.

Here are different types of child neck pillow car seat to use in the car.

1. Roll Pillow

Essentially a log-shaped pillow. It is used to support and position the neck. It can also be used under the ankles, knees, and the back. This pillow have a wider range of use and give more comfort and therapeutic benefits. These devices provide excellent support yet they are comfortable and soft. They can easily help you sleep and they are built well so they are durable. These pillows are all so easy to take with you for traveling or other purposes when you want to feel comfortable and need extra support for your neck or body.

There are many different styles of neck roll pillows. Some of these pillows are adjustable so they provide you with customizable support. Other pillows are inflatable and can be used with your standard pillow such as inside of a pillowcase so your neck has added support. You can also get foam neck roll pillows that come in various options and sizes.

2. U-Shaped Pillow

Often seen on planes as a sleeping aid, these pillows have great neck support, making them great for comfort. The pillow’s round shape is similar to the roll pillow; however, the sides curve in, creating either a U- or O-shape around the neck. Since these pillows are made for travel, they do not attach to the seat in any way.

3. Head Support Pillow

Head Support attaches to any car seat or high–back booster with adjustable straps. When the child is awake, just move up the forehead strap above the head, without touching the top of the head. When the child falls asleep, move the head strap down, parallel to the child’s forehead, and the bobbing head problem is solved. You can easily push down the head strap with two fingers, even at a red light when the car is stopped. Siblings sitting next to the child can easily move the head strap to the down position. Even the child themselves can learn at a young age to put the head strap in place when they are getting sleepy.


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