Why Color vision chart is pseudoscience

First, the definition of color weakness: color weakness is also called “abnormal trichromatic vision”. Color vision defects. Mild color blindness having the ability to recognize colors but low sensitivity. Hypochromatic patients have poor color discrimination ability and can only see color when the color is relatively saturated. Variations in hue can be distinguished only when there is a large difference in wavelength.   Definition of color blindness: Congenital color vision disorder, often called color blindness, is the inability to distinguish between colors or certain colors in the natural spectrum. The first reason for pseudoscience is that the definition is not clear First of all, we divide people into three categories: normal color vision, color weak, color blind. But how do we define these three? Is something that the scientific community hasn’t been talking about. The first is the definition of color blindness and weak color, Baidu Baike on the definition of color blindness and weak color is also a sentence “weak and color blindness is generally not easy to strictly distinguish the boundary” to cover. Now the domestic examination of color vision is using color vision chart, in fact, through these pictures, the more you know, the closer you are to ordinary people, the less you know, the closer you are to color blindness. Then is the definition of color weakness and ordinary people, also through the color vision examination chart, then the last chart. The above two figures are extracted from the most commonly used version of Yu Ziping’s Color Blindness Examination Chart. Display will be affected by brightness and chromatic aberration, recommended reading. The answer to figure 1 is fish, and the answer to figure 2 is goose. As the two most difficult pictures in the book, how many of you can see them? It is believed that many of you have not read these two charts since you were a child, including when you are studying in your current school or industry. Because of the difficulty, general doctors will not use these two charts to test, but use other pages. Then according to the discriminant criteria in the book, it is possible to put out these two pictures will be a lot more so-called “weak”. So in fact, many people are more or less some abnormal color vision, just the difference between the weight. So back to the normal and the definition of the weak, so if the color blindness examination chart is the standard, I am afraid that the weak population will be far greater than the current statistics. The second reason for pseudoscience: confusion of concepts At present, biology shows that abnormal color vision is accompanied by X recessive inheritance, color weakness or color blindness or normal people are actually the human biological traits, and there is no superior or inferior at all. Normal and weak color blindness is just a generalization of the characteristics of the characteristics of color saturation of the people to take the name. However, it has been shown that although people with abnormal color vision are slow to color saturation, they are more sensitive to color lightness than the so-called normal people Figure 1 Figure 1 Figure 3 Figure 5 Figure 5 The classic diagram of ox and deer, ox and chicken and sheep. According to the instructions in the book, it can be seen from Figure 1 that the deer is weak in color, while the cow is normal. Figure 2 shows that the chicken is weak and that the cow is normal. Figure 3 shows that the chicken is weak and that the sheep is normal. I underlined the two animal patterns in Figure 1, and it is not difficult to find that the colors of cows are green, cyan and blue, which belong to cool colors, while the background is red and pink, which are warm colors, which are distinguished by color saturation. Then look at the deer, deer is composed of light blue, light green and pink and other bright color blocks, and the background is composed of dark color blocks such as red, green and dark green, which is distinguished by color lightness. From this rule, you can look at Figure 2 and Figure 3. Using the law of brightness and saturation, you can find the cow and chicken, sheep and chicken, you can see it. So congratulations to everyone who has successfully promoted the color vision of Superman. Just kidding. People with weak color are sensitive to color lightness, so they can see the deer at a glance, while it takes some effort to see the cow. Normal people are sensitive to saturation, so they can see the cow at a glance, but it is difficult to see the deer due to insufficient lightness distinction. So from the concept of light and shade, is Read more…


機頂盒是基於互聯網浪潮衝擊形成的新產品,其目的是帶給使用者更便捷的體驗,讓傳統電視也能享受到智慧電視的功能。區別於傳統的電視機頂盒,能聯網的安博盒子可以帶來更多更豐富的家庭娛樂體驗,讓你的電視煥發“第二春”,變得完全不一樣!那麼我們花錢購買的安博電視盒子真的物盡其用了嗎? 安博電視盒子,是具有全開放式平臺,搭載了作業系統,使用者在欣賞普通電視內容的同時,可自行安裝和卸載各類應用軟體,持續對功能進行擴充和升級的產品。花錢買了安博電視盒子,下面這三項功能你應該瞭解和知道:   1.安裝協力廠商電視應用 安博電視盒子區別於傳統機頂盒最大的一點好處就是可以連接互聯網下載和安裝協力廠商應用,一個U盤,一款電視應用幾步就可以實現。如果你家買了安博電視盒子,在聯網的狀態下,通過協力廠商應用可以享受到海量豐富的視聽資源。這個功能目前還有95%以上的安博電視盒子用戶不知道或還沒使用過,而這是安博電視盒子的基本功能。 現在針對安博電視盒子的協力廠商軟體呈爆發式增長,有影視點播類的,遊戲娛樂類的,生活工具類的等等,而這些只需要像智慧手機一樣,將沙發管家APK包下載好放入U盤連接安博電視盒子,點擊安裝即可。 目前下載量比較大的有,優酷視頻,騰訊視頻,芒果TV等。在沙發管家中點擊海報或搜索名稱即可輕鬆下載應用,還可以通過外置U盤進行應用安裝。   2.多屏互動,跨屏分享影視資源 安博電視盒子的多屏互動功能就是電視可與電腦、智慧手機等設備實現無線多屏終端智慧隔空互聯,手機遙控操作電視機,手機音視頻節目可在電視上隔空播放。只要通過手指的輕輕滑動,個人電腦上的內容就可以輕鬆傳到大螢幕上進行分享,同時,手機還可以充當大電視的遙控器,多屏互動的實現,真正使看電視突破了時間和空間的局限。 多屏互動在電視上得到應用,能夠在一定程度上解決電視在操作方面上存在的問題,而且隨時可以和家人分享還看的影視資源和好玩的遊戲功能。   3.介面豐富,多設備互聯 喜歡玩遊戲那麼你肯定喜歡大屏帶來的視覺衝擊感,通過一根HDMI高清線直接和你的螢幕相連,電視螢幕直接作為遊戲顯示器,50吋超大顯示器帶來的遊戲體驗想想還是蠻爽的。 安博電視盒子依託豐富的介面可以和音響等家庭影音設備相連,搭建一個小型的家庭影院,這個在現在的智慧家居生態圈完全可以實現,再通過沙發管家獲取更多免費海量內容,客廳娛樂嗨翻天。